Dribbble Shot of the Day – The Best Way Typo

by Tomek Biernat

Dribbble Shot – Making Of New Behance Project

by Mateusz Witczak

Dribbble Shot of the Day – Vintage Computer

by Michiel van den Berg

Dribbble Shot – Finger Placement

by Matt D. Smith

Dribbble Shot – Tatooine

by Dave Chenell

Dribbble Shot – Sketch

by Neil Secretario

Dribbble Shot – Popeye Quote

by Maksim

Dribbble Shot – Illuminated Ampersand

by Spencer Charles

Turning Shipping Containers into Stunning Homes

Some are more “rustic” on the outside than others but all are truly stunning inside.  Anyone know how much an old shipping container costs to buy? Truly a great way to recycle them into beautiful homes.

Via: Distractify

Atelier Playing Cards — Ending Soon

Found these super slick playing cards on Kickstarter the other day. Only a few days left to get in on the action. Wonderful, minimal design. Sure, shipping from the US is a pain but that’s the way it goes with a lot of Kickstarter stuff.

Via: Kickstarter