Leveraging Prettier and Eslint in Sublime Text 3 for cleaner code

Prettier has been getting a lot of attention recently – and rightly so; it’s a simple and effective way to ensure a consistent style across your code base. By configuring a limited set of options, you can quickly set up Prettier to format your code in your favourite IDE using one of the respective plugins (Atom, VSCode and Sublime, for example). You can then have it automatically format on save or if you prefer a little more control, on a specific key binding.

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UX Power Tool Time

Jon and I are a lot like like the dynamic duo of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and Al Borland from the 90’s TV show, Home Improvement: We often wear flannel and blue, one of us can grow a beard, we love dad jokes, and we each have different perspectives on our industry.


Creating infinitely scalable connection arrows in Sketch

When wireframing your next big idea in Sketch, you may find yourself creating arrows on your canvas to show how screens might flow. It’s all fun and games until you need to scale or stretch one of your arrows and you find yourself with a distorted mess.


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