You remember last time I posted a code article I mentioned I was careful about biting off more than I could chew?




Well it seems that’s just what I’ve done! I wanted to have a crack at Ionic so the app was available as a native iOS and Android app. I’ve gone through their setup process and for some reason, the machine I’m using refuses to run even the most basic of their demo apps. While I’m certain it’s something I’m doing wrong (although I’ve no idea what as all I have to do is run half a dozen lines in Terminal) it’s evidently going to take too long to debug that problem.

So I’m going to pivot slightly and do a three way test.

As well as developing the little tab app in Angular.js, I’m also going to replicate the functionality in Ember.js and Sencha Touch. This isn’t just bravado (or insanity); I think it will be a genuinely interesting experiment to compare these frameworks for myself and see how they not only cope with a very basic app but how they can be scaled up to something more complex.

I’m hoping all three will run off the same back end which I will develop in Parse.

Now the lines have been redrawn in the sand, I’d better get coding 😀 Next time we will go over the basic markup scaffold we will use to construct the mini-app.