Backbone Blueprints


I was initially a little worried – chapter 1 starts by throwing you in at the deep end with some server side code to set up the infrastructure for the first example app – a blog and commenting system. I need not have worried…



Rather than being purely about Backbone.js, this book makes it clear from the outset that you’ll be getting to grips with some server code, largely in Node.js and Express. This “big picture” approach continues throughout the book, ensuring that you get a great perspective of not only the client side components of your applications but how they will integrate with the back end. The amount of server code you have to learn does ramp up significantly in later chapters but that’s more a function of the coplexity of the apps you are learning to code. This should give you much clearer insight into how you design your apps.

Once you are finally introduced to some Backbone.js code, I’m happy to say it’s well laid out, very clearly explained and can easily be understood by even a relatively newbie to Backbone.js. It’s not absolute beginner stuff but a basic knowledge combined with the clear explanations will mean almost everyone will be able to follow along. The examples get more complex and build nicely through the book to grow your learning at a manageable rate.

By the time you reach the end of the first example application, you will have noticed how different the approach this book takes is from other more conventional Backbone.js learning resources; you will have already tackled Models, Collections, Views, Nested Views and Routers. In addition, the author will have also made several comments pointing out Backbone.js conventions, including when it’s safe for you to break them should you need to.

Worth bearing in mind is that this is not a book you can dip in and our of for quick pointers. Each example is large, involved and time consuming to follow. You will undoubtedly gain a much deeper understanding if you are able to devote larger chunks of time to following the examples in full.

If you’re interested in building your knowledge of not only Backbone.js but Marionette, Node.js and Express to name but a few, by committing a decent chunk of time to build out some robust applications, this book is most definitely worth considering. It’s clearly laid out, the examples build along a manageable learning curve and the author’s in-depth knowledge of the source material shines through in every page.


Disclaimer: Packt Publishing asked me to review this book for them and to be as brutally honest as I can. I received no payment aside from an ebook copy of the book itself.