The Dalvik Runtime in Android will shortly be no more. Commits to the master branch in the last 24 hours show that Dalvik runtime has been disabled and ART runtime instated as the default Android runtime.

No idea what I’m talking about? Under the hood, Android use a runtime library to launch apps (amongst other things). Up to now, Dalvik runtime was used and it’s main party trick was the ability to compile required files on launching an app. This reduced app install time. While this was a very clever solution in the early Android days when devices were slow and had minimal storage, things have moved on. ART runtime does it’s compiling up front on install so everything is ready to go the instant the user launches an app. As there’s less work being done at launch time, ART runtime also has benefits for reducing power consumption which leads to longer battery life. You’ve been able to enable ART runtime for a while provided you could accept that some apps wouldn’t be compatible with it in it’s beta but now it seems like it will shortly be the default.

Link : Android Authority