Now I’ve drawn the line, it’s time to clearly define what tools I’m going to use to accomplish the task.

First up, I should point out that there are some key goals for this project:

  • It needs to be achievable – there’s no point going in all gung-ho and biting off more than I can chew so I’ll be sticking to languages I know already, but will use new frameworks and API’s to get the job done.
  • I’d like it to be a mobile app first – I may move on to creating a desktop version later.
  • Given that I don’t know enough Objective-C or Java to create native iOS or Android apps, I’ll be sticking to web based tech….for now.

Having thought about it for a couple of days and done a little research into each of the potential technologies I could use, this is how I think it will pan out:

Primary Framework: Angular.js

There’s interest in using this framework in my day job and it’s something I’ve had my eye on for a while. It’s also JS based which means I don’t have to learn a new language from scratch.

Secondary Framework: Ionic

In wanting to keep this mobile for now, I was looking for a framework that was specifically built with mobile in mind. Ionic seems to fir the bill perfectly and it’s optimised for Angular.js

Primary API: ebay

Clearly if I want to create a client that lists your ebay watch list, I have no choice here 😀

With this high level stuff in place, next time we will look at drawing up some basic wireframes.