gamebeacon is coming

gamebeacon is the new mobile native app that lets you quickly and easily connect with like-minded Destiny players for Raids, Story Quests, Missions, Crucible action or just rolling out on Patrol. All from your mobile device.

The interface has been specifically designed for use on mobile and will allow you to quickly configure a beacon to find other players. Alternatively you can scroll through the list of existing beacons to find players who are looking for a Guardian just like you to venture forth.

With push notifications to help keep you informed on your beacons or those you’ve joined, gamebeacon will quickly become your essential companion for finding new Destiny players.

beacon list

Check active beacons. Use the date slider to see beacons in the coming week.

create a beacon

Simple swipe interface to create new beacons


Freebies: 6 Time Saving Sketch Plugins

I recently invested in the updated version of Sketch, having bought the pervious version some time ago. I’ve long loved it’s simple approach to great UI design. It’s had it’s bugs but these seem to have been largely ironed out in version 3.

They’ve also opened up the possibility of using plugins. Here’s a few to get you going:


Dribbble Shot of the Day – Fly On

by Colin Tierney

Dribbble Shot of the Day – Earth Mock

by Joe White

Dribbble Shot of the Day – Scone Frame

by Joe White

Dribbble Shot of the Day – Simple Line Icons 2 (100+ free icons)

by Mirko Monti

Pen Pr0n – Seblester Caligraphy Blood

Calligraphy is in my blood. I love it. #gothic #magictrick #love

A post shared by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

I strongly recommend you check out Slebster’s Instagram. Beautiful work.

Dribbble Shot of the Day – Floating Burger

by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Dribbble Shot of the Day – There Are No

by Martin Schmetzer

Dribbble Shot of the Day – Anti Brand Hand Painted Skateboards

by Nathan Shinkle