Dribbble Shot of the Day: Motherboard

by Seth Eckert

Free Font: Norwester by Jamie Wilson

Wanna free font? Of course you do. Here you go.

Link: JamieWilson

How Our ExtJS Theme Helps Make Our Grids Rock

Many people who see the platform I’m helping create at Engage Software have commented positively on how different it looks to all the other software they have to use in their daily jobs. I therefore thought it would be nice to occasionally highlight certain areas of the platform that are achieved using ExtJS to show off what can be done with the right mix of components and a killer theme. Our ExtJS theme was conceived way before Neptune ever existed and has continued to evolve and improve.

In this article we’re going to take a little look at grids. More specifically we’re looking just at the rows in those grids – as that’s where most of the action happens! For now we’ll take a very high level view and in future articles I’ll reveal a little about how you can get some similar results.

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Dribbble Shot of the Day: Flat Icons iOS7

by Charlie Isslander


Dribbble Shot of the Day: PU Android Icons

by Machi

Link: Dribbble

Dribbble Shot of the Day: Flat UI Elements

by Mario del Valle

Dribbble Shot of the Day: People Pattern Dashboard UI

by Bryon Adkins

Dribbble Shot of the Day: QBC Mark

Dribbble Shot of the Day: Cut-paper Lettering

by Terence Tang

Dribbble Shot of the Day: TLxTEMPER

by Kossyo Kokalanov